Cataract Treatment Options

Standard Surgery

Standard ultrasound cataract surgery is a very good option for many patients. Standard ultrasound measurements are done, and all services are fully covered. Your surgeon offers this option at your local hospital.

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Laser Refractive Surgery

Femto laser refractive surgery with astigmatic LRI’s is offered at LCC, with upgraded laser measurements of eye. The following video helps to explain the difference from standard surgery.

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Refractive Lens Exchange (RLE)

If you have thick glasses and your eyes are outside the range of LASIK vision correction, RLE “refractive lens exchange” can be done. This means removing your lens, and replacing it with a clear lens implant. The power of the lens implant can be adjusted to compensate for the glasses prescription.

Click below to read more about RLE and the options for lens implants:

RLE and Lens Implants