Frequently Asked Questions

Once my cataract is fixed, will it ever come back?

No, it will never come back.

I have had my cataract fixed. Why do I now need a YAG laser treatment?

The modern way of doing cataract surgery is to place the implant inside the clear bag that used to hold the cataract (this is a normal part of your eye). With time, this bag may become hazy. Also, some types of cataracts leave a haze on this bag at the time of surgery. The laser clears the haze to make sure you have the best possible vision. The haze does not return.

There are no physical restrictions before or after the laser. It takes 30 seconds to 1 minute to do, and is painless.

What is an Excimer Laser Enhancement?

The excimer laser reshapes the cornea to correct any remaining distance glasses prescription. If you have had refractive cataract surgery at LCC, this special service is provided at no extra charge.

Cataract Surgery After Care

You will leave LCC with a clear plastic shield over your operated eye. The following morning, you will remove the shield and throw it away.

Normal activities are OK the day after surgery (bending over, walking, taking a shower).

No vigorous activities for 1 week (sports, lifting more than 20 lbs, etc.).

Eye drops will be used for about 6 weeks (tapering off slowly).

Cataract surgery recovery time

Generally, recovery time from cataract surgery is 1 week (patients usually take 1 week off work, to concentrate on getting the drops in properly).

After 1 week there are no physical restrictions.

I have had cataract surgery, when can I resume normal activities?

The day after surgery, it is fine to bend over, and to wash your hair. After 1 week there are no physical restrictions.

With regard to driving, wait until your surgeon says you may do so (most of the time this is 1 week after surgery).

Is modern cataract surgery done with laser?

Femto laser cataract refractive surgery - a new specialized form of cataract surgery.

Dr. Lane will examine your eyes and discuss with you whether or not you are a good candidate for this type of laser surgery.

Cataract Surgery Side Effects

Modern cataract surgery is one of the safest procedures performed, with a low complication rate; however all surgeries have possible complications. The main possible complications that can affect vision are:

  1. Swelling of the cornea (clear window of the eye). If this does not clear with drops, a second surgery to replace the swollen cornea may be required.
  2. Dropping a piece of the cataract (if the bag holding the cataract is broken). This requires a second operation to remove pieces from the back of the eye.
  3. Infection inside the eye. Requires an injection of antibiotics or surgery.
  4. Swelling in the retina. Requires eye drops for a few extra weeks.

How can I make an appointment for surgery at LCC?

Your optometrist needs to fax a referral to Dr. Lane’s office at (705) 320-8082.

Dr. Lane’s office will then contact your optometrist or family doctor with an appointment date and time.

If I have a problem after hours, or on the weekend, where do I go?

Go to your nearest emergency dept.

There is an ophthalmologist on call 24hrs a day every day.

What are the visual requirements for driving?

For a G class license (driving a car) in Ontario, one must see 20/50 or better with both eyes open, and have a horizontal visual field of at least 120 degrees with both eyes open.

Financing Information

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