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Travel the World Without Glasses

Imagine getting out of bed in the morning and not having to reach for your glasses?

Friday December 9th 2022

Glasses a nuisance for your active lifestyle?

Enjoy clear vision while you practice your sport. LASIK and PRK at LCC can give you the freedom of clear vision without glasses.

Friday December 9th 2022

Ontario Police and Firefighter Vision Requirements 2023

You need good vision to be a policeman or a firefighter in Ontario, in order to perform your duties safely.

Friday December 9th 2022

LASIK vs. Refractive Lens Exchange (Clear Lens Exchange)

There are 2 surgical options available that will free you from wearing glasses; LASIK and Refractive Lens Exchange.

Tuesday April 12th 2022

Cataracts and Driving in Ontario

There are 2 parts to meeting visual standards to drive a car (class G) in Ontario. If you drive a transport truck, these 2 criteria are more strict.

Friday February 18th 2022