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Simonette’s PRK with Dr. David Lane

Watch Simonette explain why she would like to not have to wear thick glasses anymore and discover the process of PRK laser vision correction.

Sunday May 3rd 2020

Cataract Surgery and Severe Shortness of Breath

Dr. Lane talks in Toronto about a new technique to allow patients to have cataract surgery who cannot lie flat due to severe shortness of breath.

Monday March 2nd 2020

What is a Presbyopic Implant?

A Presbyopic Implant gives clear distance vision, intermediate vision, and close up vision without glasses. Learn more with Dr. David Lane.

Monday February 3rd 2020

What is a Toric Implant?

Toric implants are especially useful for people with moderate to severe astigmatism. Learn about Astigmatism and Toric Implants from Dr. David Lane.

Monday February 3rd 2020

Dr. Lane talks at World Diabetes Day Nov 12th, 2019

In this talk, Dr. Lane reviewed the ocular complications of diabetes, and explained how these problems are now treated in 2019. 

Sunday November 24th 2019