Read actual customer reviews and testimonials of Dr. David Lane and the team at LASIK Cataract Centre in Kawartha Lakes, Ontario.

LCC Reviews

World class orchestras always have the world's best conductors. When I arrived at your clinic, I was amazed at the efficiency, care and treatment I received at your clinic from your staff. We have talked about your design and how you have incorporated your patients well being in all you do. Like a great conductor, your orchestra sounds wonderful. Dr. Lane thank you for my eyesight and thank your staff for their wonderful care.

Michael Graham, Peterborough, ON

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for your professionalism, your gentle care, and your great results. All my life I have been highly myopic, after 65 years, my coke bottle glasses are gone, and my cataracts are gone. I wake in the morning with a huge smile, open my eyes and SEE.

Thank you again.

Dave Doherty, Oakwood, ON

First of all I was totally surprised to be on my computer, without my glasses! Also all the primary colours blue, red, yellow have just popped! By the way, your staff are just terrific, which I am sure you know, and you can be proud of the way they treat your customers.

David Philip, Little Britain, ON