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Review the general patient directions for laser cataract surgery including pre-op, day of surgery, post-op instructions and advice from Dr. David Lane.

General Instructions for Laser Cataract Surgery

Pre-Op Instructions

  • Do not eat or drink after midnight the night before surgery.

Day of Surgery

  • Do NOT eat or drink on the day of surgery.
  • You may take all your medications on the morning of surgery with a small sip of water.
  • You come to LCC at the planned time.
  • An anaesthetist will give you a small dose of intravenous relaxing medicines to make you feel relaxed during the procedure. There is no pain.
  • After the surgery, you will taken to the recovery room for about 5-10 mins.
  • Then you will be given a snack while an LCC staff member explains the "do's & don'ts."
  • You will see your surgeon in the afternoon, the same day of surgery

Post-op Instructions

The morning after surgery, you will start the following drops:

Zymar: 4x a day until next appointment.
Prednisolone: every 2 hrs while awake until next appointment.

  • Do not drive a car until your surgeon says it is safe to do so (usually 1 week).
  • Take things easy for 1 week (no sports, no lifting more than 20lbs).
  • After 1 week, there are no physical restrictions.

Dr. Lane explains the cataract surgery process at LCC: