Dry Eye: Treatment Overview

Dry eye disease is very common in Canada. Sympoms include red eyes, tired eyes, blurred vision and watery eyes. Learn about various treatments. 

Lid WipesTreatments for Dry Eyes may include the following:

  • Blepharitis Treatment
    • Meibomian gland (eyelid oily tear glands) dysfunction and blepharitis are very common and contribute to the majority of dry eye disease
    • BlephEx® is an in-office procedure used to completely clean the eyelids of excess bacteria and debris. This is the most important step in treating blepharitis properly, which in turn helps with dry eye treatment.

Lubricant drops

Lubricant Drops

  • These drops provide a smooth surface to ocular surface, and give immediate relief of symptoms. Dr. Lane recommends a preservative free lubricant in order to avoid adding more chemicals to a damaged ocular surface.
  • Eyelid scrubs
    • These are small pads with a special "eye shampoo", used to clean the base of the eyelashes. This is important for keeping the "Meibomian glands" (oily tear glands of the eyelids) open and healthy for natural lubrication.
  • Warm compress masks
    • This special heating mask can be applied daily to warm the "Meibomian glands" (oily tear glands of the eyelids). This liquifies the oily secretions of these tear glands, which helps them contribute naturally to your tears. This can significantly improve comfort.
  • Punctal Plugs
    • These are custom fitting small plugs used to block the tear drainage holes, so the tears that you naturally produce can stay on your eyes longer.
  • i-reliefXiidra® (lifitegrast ophthalmic solution) 5%
    • Xiidra is a prescription drop used to treat dry eyes.
    • Xiidra blocks the inflammatory cycle associated with dry eyes, so the eye surface can heal and becomes more smooth.
  • Restasis® (cyclosporin ophthalmic solution) 0.05%
    • Restasis is a prescription drop used to treat dry eyes.
    • Restasis decreases inflammation and increases the production of one's own tears
  • Steroids
    • There are many different types of steroids, which may be prescribed, depending on the amount of inflammation with dry eyes