Aging is a natural part of life

The aging process is a normal part of our lives and our eyes experience this process also. Natural aging affects the lens of the eye and makes stiffer, so it can no longer change shape to focus on objects at near.

Around the age of 45, many people begin to notice changes in their vision and begin to need reading glasses. Even those who had perfect vision all their life may find themselves struggling with seeing close objects as clearly as they once did.

Squinting your Eyes to See Clearly; Developing Presbyopia

Do you ever find yourself holding a book or your phone out further than you did before? Or increasing the font sizes on your computer? Maybe things are just starting to look blurry up close and your eyes are straining to see, especially in dim light. These can be aging signs of presbyopia.

If you answered yes to any of these questions then you may have Presbyopia. Many of us go through this and is a common reason for reading glasses. Occasionally, presbyopia can also begin earlier as a result of certain medical conditions or medications.

Eye Exam for Those Over 40 Years of Age

It is recommended after the age of 40 to have yearly eye examinations to ensure the continued health of your eyes and to optimize your vision as you age. Presbyopia is usually first detected around this time and continues to progress until their mid to late 70s.

Muscle Loss and Elasticity in the Eye

With age, the lens inside your eyes become more rigid, less elastic and less flexible. This loss of elasticity makes it harder for your eyes to change shape as they once did, and this is what causes the blurred vision of close by objects.

Presbyopia Treatment at LCC for Age Related Eye Conditions

Our team at Lasik Cataract Centre in Lindsay Ontario offers Z-LASIK in the Kawartha Lakes region and surrounding areas. Dr. Lane is our resident surgeon and he has performed over 30,000 refractive procedures; helping patients achieve independence from eyeglasses.

Lasik Eye Surgery in Kawartha Lakes Region Reducing Travel Time

Lasik Cataract Center is a cutting edge eyecare facility based in a small town in Southern Ontario called Lindsay. We are fully equipped to assess your changing vision with the latest diagnostic equipment, to help you to choose a treatment plan, and perform the procedure or surgery, all in the same facility. Unlike other refractive centres, we also have a full operating suite, providing more advanced intraocular surgery options, like refractive lens exchange.

Z-Lasik Bladeless Eye Surgery

Reducing your travel time to larger centers like Toronto, Ontario we can offer Z-LASIK premium “laser only” bladeless form of laser vision correction in a smaller more accessible town, in the Kawartha Lakes region. These types of advanced services are usually only found in large urban centres as Toronto, Ontario and Rochester, NY are the closest Z-LASIK centres in North America.

Finding the Best Treatment for Presbyopia Permanently and Long Term

There are multiple options for long-term, surgical treatment of presbyopia. We can help you to take the first step in reversing the effects of aging on your vision.

Durham Region Eye Surgery Options

Lasik Cataract Centre offers a variety of services for different eye conditions including nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, and cataracts throughout the Durham and Kawartha Lakes regions.  We are here to help you achieve your goal of clear vision and can offer the best solution for your vision problem.

Call or email us to schedule a consultation with LCC and see how we can assist you in regaining your vision today. From Ajax to Beaverton, and Cobourg to Havelock, we serve the entire area east of Toronto for premium Laser Vision Correction.

Our dedicated and professional staff can discuss your treatment options, pricing, financing and answer all of your questions in a free consultation.

At LCC, we are dedicated to serving you and fully committed to your continued eye health.