Shape Matters To Our Eyes: Astigmatism

Astigmatism is a very common and treatable eye condition that many people of all ages can develop. Issues such as blurred vision far and near, headaches and eye pain can all be a part of astigmatism. It can occur alone or in conjunction with other refractive eye conditions (myopia, and hyperopia).

Blurred Vision, Headaches and Pain in the Eyes

Astigmatism has to do with different parts in the eyes and how the shapes refract light off  each other. This condition is a refractive error and it changes the way light is focused inside the eye.

In this case the eye is shaped like an egg and because the lens or cornea is not perfectly round, the light rays do not focus sharply. One can also have eye vision that looks stretched out or distorted, causing eye strain.

Factors in Developing Astigmatism

Usually astigmatism is determined by genetics, but there are other causes of astigmatism, including eye injuries, eye surgeries, or pressure from the eyelids.

Treatment of Astigmatism in the Kawartha Lakes Area

Fortunately there are treatment options available and  many cases of astigmatism can be permanently fixed with one of the cutting edge laser treatments available at Lasik Cataract Centre, in Lindsay.

We offer leading eye surgery techniques such as the Bladeless Z-LASIK procedures usually only available in larger communities. We also do Custom PRK and Refractive Lens Exchange, allowing treatment for a wide variety of prescriptions.

We will help you in deciding the ideal treatment for your specific astigmatism needs, as everyone is different. Call, email, or fill out our contact form for your free assessment at Lasik Cataract Centre.

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