Blepharitis: Treatment Overview

Blepharitis is a common eyelid problem caused by an overgrowth of bacteria and/or demodex mites.

BlephEx® Treatment

Fortunately, blepharitis does have an effective treatment. Dr. Lane and his team can safely clean and exfoliete your inflamed eyelid margins with an in-office medical procedure called BlephEx.

By precisely removing the biofilm debris and toxins from your eyelid margins, Dr. Lane can help to avoid damage to the oily tear glands of the eyelids. This is important for avoiding chronic dry eye problems.

This new medical procedure uses a rotary device with a medical grade disposable PVA sponge to gently and precisely remove the bacterial overgrowth between your eyelashes.  After the procedure, the eyelids are rinsed well, and instructions are given on how to clean the eyelashes properly between BlephEx treatments. Since home cleaning procedures are only semi-effective, in order to maintain optimal oily tear gland function and eyelid margin health, Dr. Lane recommends BlephEx treatments every 4 months.

This in-office procedure takes about 15 minutes, and is painless. People usually feel a “tickling sensation”. Numbing drops are used before the procedure, and Dr. Lane recommends resting the eyes by keeping them closed for a couple hours after the procedure.


Blepharitis Symptoms

  • Irritation

  • Red eyes

  • Scratchy/ Burning sensation

  • “Tired” eyes

  • Frequent eyelid infections and styes

  • Debris & discharge of the eyelids

What Is Blepharitis?

Blepharitis is an inflammation of the eyelid margins caused by toxins from an overgrowth of bacteria.

Blepharitis symptoms can be different for each person. Most people complain of irritation, and a “scratchy feeling” or “tired feeling” in the eyes. Some people may have significant debris or discharge on their eyelids, or they may notice small white flakes on their eyelashes. It becomes more common with age, as our immune response (IgA antibodies in tears) in our tears decreases with age. Usually, blepharitis affects both upper and lower eyelids equally.

Eyelids are very difficult to clean properly. This is the reason home remedies usually do not work very well. Blepharitis tends to be a chronic condition that affects the health of the oily tear glands in the eyelids (about 30 in each lid). As the oily tear glands become unhealthy, the oily part of the tear film decaress, and the eye becomes more dry.

How to Treat Blepharitis?

Although Blepharitis is difficult treat effectively at home, fortunately there is an effective treatment offered at LASIK Cataract Centre, called BlephEx.

Dr. Lane and his team of trained ophthalmic technicians can perform this in-office procedure to treat blepharitis, and provide advice about good lid hygiene and symptom relief between treatments. BlephEx treatments are recommended every 4 months to maintain good eyelid margin health.
Our ophthalmic technicians at Lasik Cataract Centre can properly assess your eyelid margin with a special eyelid camera, and show you exactly what is happening at your eyelid margin. Contact LCC today