Alan’s eyesight was deteriorating quite badly and he had already had multiple lens exchanges before.

His number one fear was that he would lose his license and that would affect his volunteering since most of his volunteer work involves driving people around. A cataract can make seeing clearly very difficult as it is a clouding of the lens.

Since Alan had already had multiple lens exchanges he wasn’t sure they’d be able to do any more and eventually cataract surgery was the only option.

Luckily many of his friends had been to Dr. Lane before and he had a lot of trust in him.

How Cataract Surgery Works

The way cataract surgery works is the patient has freezing drops put in their eyes and they receive light sedation.

Cataract surgery is usually painless for patients. Then, with aid from a special microscope, the cataract is broken up using an ultrasound or laser.

Lucky for patients with cataracts is that once removed the cataract will not come back.

Since his surgery, Alan is free to drive, read, go on a computer, without glasses or any form of aid for his sight.

His vision is now clear and free of the blurry, cloudiness that was caused by his cataracts.

Getting surgery to remove cataracts is always the best choice and it’s good to catch them early.

Alan Before Cataract Surgery
Alan After Cataract Surgery