Watch Simonette explain why she would like to not have to wear thick glasses anymore.

Dr. David Lane also explains why PRK would be the best Laser Vision Correction option for Simonette.

PRK, or photorefractive keratectomy, is a custom laser vision procedure that involves sculpting the glasses prescription directly onto the front of the cornea.

This procedure differs from LASIK, where a flap is created, and the laser sculpting occurs under this flap.

Thinner Corneas, Thicker Glasses and PRK Explained

Some people have thinner corneas, and/or thicker glasses prescriptions. With laser vision correction there is a limit to the prescription size that can be sculpted onto the cornea, given the thickness of each person’s individual cornea.

If someone has a thinner cornea, and/or a larger prescription, PRK may be a better procedure, as there is “more corneal tissue” to which to work (as there is no flap created). It does take a bit longer for the eyes to heal after PRK, compared to LASIK, but people still have the same great result in the end.

How Does The PRK Surgery Process Work?

Watch Simonette have her PRK surgery with Dr. David Lane @LCC in Lindsay, Ontario. The video finishes with a 2 month follow up after her surgery, describing the change to her life that PRK has provided.