Covid-19 has changed the lives of everyone in the world. It is extremely important that everyone takes the proper precautions to minimize the risk of people getting sick.

We understand that people still will have eye problems, and will need safe access to high quality eye care. At Lasik Cataract Centre, your safety is our top priority. We have done everything possible to minimize the risk to you inside our office and surgery centre.

The following steps in our new “safety process” have been added to our routine practice to help keep you safe.

  • A greeter will come to your car when you arrive to check you in. When it is your turn to come into the office, we will come to get you in your car, and walk you inside. 
  • Automatic hand sanitizer at the front door
  • You will be given a mask
  • All our staff will be wearing full PPE (personal protective equipment)
  • An ophthalmic assistant will take straight into the testing area or examination lane (there is no waiting in the waiting room)
  • If you require dilating drops, these will be given to you in the examination room, and you will be guided back to your car where you can dilate safely (about 30mins)
  • All follow-up appointments will be made for and brought to you in the examination lane 
  • You will guided out the office (doors will be held open for you, so you do not have to touch anything)
  • All patient care surfaces (chairs, stretchers, bathrooms…) will be sanitized with bleach immediately after use

It is our goal at Lasik Cataract Centre to make you feel safe, with confidence.

David Lane, B.A., Bsc.(M), MD, FRCS(C)

Medical Director, LCC