Dr. David Lane believes in working out with his co-workers to stay fit. It doesn't matter if you are an eye doctor, an accountant, or a policeman; the principles are the same for everyone.

We do yoga at 6am twice a week, and every lunch hour, we lock the door, turn on the music, and work out together. We also have a masseuse that comes to the office for whomever needs it.

Dr. Lane believes regular workout together improves morale, and promotes a sense of comradery and a positive attitude in the workplace. “Working out together at lunch time” brings a new level of energy to the office, which is noticed and commented on by patients every day. It creates a truly unique positive work environment.

What Are the Benefits of Exercise at Work?

There are many other benefits to staying in good shape. Being fit is also important for avoiding diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease. This will indirectly add years to your life, but more importantly, these will be high quality years…….avoiding the problems of chronic disease. This regular activity and level of fitness makes us more productive, sleep better, and builds true confidence.

When our team talks to patients about lasik, prk, or reactive cataract surgery; people get a positive and energetic vibe. I believe this helps to put patients at ease who might be nervous about having eye surgery.

Dr. Lane is proud to have the good fortune of working with such a great group of people. “I enjoy going to work in the morning, staying fit with my team, and being around such an energetic positive group…..this is truly a luxury!”