Dr David Lane (pictured above) recently went to visit the Patodia Eye Institute on May 25, 2019. He met with Dr Murari Patodia (pictured left)  to congratulate him on the grand opening of the institute. Sarnia is very fortunate to now have access to such advanced Refractive Cataract Surgery services.

Dr Patodia is on the cutting edge of eye care treatments and technologies. His work with Refractive Cataract Surgery is one of these cutting edge treatments.

Refractive Cataract Surgery in Sarnia, Ontario

Refractive Cataract Surgery goes above and beyond regular cataract surgery. Traditionally, cataract surgery involves replacing one's cloudy lens of the eye, with a new clear lens (intraocular lens implant). People who have traditional cataract surgery usually are still wearing glasses after surgery. Refractive Cataract Surgery differs from Traditional Cataract Surgery in that  femtosecond lasers and Advanced Technology Implants are used to correct astigmatism and presbyopia, which allows people to see without glasses after surgery.

The city of Sarnia, Ontario is lucky to have the Patodia Eye Institute to help with all their eye care needs. There will no longer be the need to leave the city for advanced eye treatments with Dr Patodia and his team so close by.

Visit their website at https://patodiaeyeinstitute.com/