Watch Jessica's Story as she has Bladeless Custom LASIK at LCC in Lindsay, by Dr. David Lane.

Jessica had glasses for most of her life due to having moderate nearsightedness.

For the first few months of having her glasses she found them interesting and liked having them, but after a while she found them to be a hindrance to her life and made sports difficult for her.

Along with her nearsightedness, Jessica also has some astigmatism.

But what Dr. Lane found truly interesting about Jessica’s eyesight was that her line of sight is not exactly the same as the centre of her pupil.

How Does Bladeless LASIK Work?

The way bladeless LASIK works is the doctor performing the procedure will use two different lasers in order to avoid blades all together.

The first laser, called a femtosecond laser, is used to create a small flap in the cornea, Dr. Lane warned Jessica that there would be a feeling of pressure and that things would go dim for around 30 seconds but that this is all normal for this type of procedure and for the second laser he said she shouldn’t feel a thing.

After the first laser is the excimer laser which reshapes the corneal tissue to correct any defects and improves vision significantly.

Jessica's Surgery

In Jessica’s case her surgery was customized to fix her astigmatism as well as her nearsightedness.

Due to her astigmatism and moderate nearsightedness, Jessica has needed to wear glasses or contacts at all times, but since her bladeless custom LASIK surgery with Dr. Lane, she no longer needs them.

Jessica is able to play sports, do her job easily, and live her life to the fullest without fear of breaking her glasses or having to adjust them on her face all the time. Thanks to Dr. Lane she can live her best life with her best vision possible.

LASIK Laser Vision Correction

LASIK Cataract Centre (LCC) in Lindsay, Ontario, offers state of the art LASIK laser vision correction. Using the new Ziemer LDV femtosecond laser and the Wavelight EX500 excimer laser, Dr. Lane is able to provide world class Bladeless LASIK to patients throughout Ontario.

Jessica before LASIK surgery
Jessica getting her eyes tested
Consultation before surgery with Dr David Lane
Jessica watching a LASIK video
Jessica after LASIK