Lasik Cataract Centre recently sponsored  our local section of The Great Trail of Canada, also known as the Kawartha Trans Canada Trail.

Kawartha Trans Canada Trail Sponsorship

LCC is proud to help promote and assist in the development and use of this trail, as well as support success at the local level in the continued improvement and enhancement of this national trail network. In order for the cross-country path to become a reality, LCC is exceptionally proud to donate and contribute to this 53 kilometers of multi-use trails, linking Canadians together. 

It is important to nurture valuable relationships with the environment, as well as reconcile relationships with Indigenous peoples and their land, the territory of First Nation, Inuit and MĂ©tis peoples. This donation also pays respect to the territory of the Indigenous peoples and testifies to their presence. This will aid in the continuation for generations of maintaining healthy and reciprocal relationships with traditional territory. LCC hopes to increase and improve the quality of the trail, as well as improve the safety and comfort for its users. It is important to remain inclusive and provide signage and wayfinding. Lasik Cataract Centre also strives to support the state of the environment, and reinforce the importance of maintaining a green environment.

Why Sponsor KTCT?

For the last 21 years, the Kawartha Trans Canada Trail has been an attraction to visitors, volunteers and tourists alike. Back in 1858, the original rail line was constructed by CN rail and was later abandoned and sat unused for almost 50 years. The province of Ontario bought the land in 2000, they originally intended to use it for transportation, recreation, and energy needs. However, after thorough consultation from the public, the government decided that the rail corridor could become a key trail route and recommended it be used for walking, cycling and other recreational uses. So in 2006, the Ontario Government leased the old rail line to the Kawartha Trans Canada Trail Association. They began construction and completed the trail in its entirety by 2014. The end result is a total of 53 kilometers of stunningly scenic, fully completed trail.

Other KTCT Sponsors

  • Mackey Funeral Home
  • IPC Securities Corporation
  • Staples & Swain
  • Bell World Lindsay
  • Mincom Plus Realty
  • Optimist Club of Lindsay
  • Days Inn & Suites Lindsay
  • PD Realty Inc

What is KTCT used for?

The Kawartha Trans Canada Trail is used to walking, cycling in the summer, and snowmobiling in the winter.