Lasik Cataract Center in Lindsay Ontario strongly believes in education. We know that in order to spark our children’s interest in learning, it must be interesting and fun. Access to cutting edge science equipment goes a long way toward ensuring a welcoming environment for all students involved in the sciences at school.

Donation from LCC For a New Science Lab at Trinity College

Dr. Lane, from Lasik Cataract Center, recently made a large donation to Trinity College School (TCS) in Port Hope, Ontario, toward a new science lab for their senior students.

As parents and medical professionals, we are very aware of the importance of the STEM disciplines (science, technology, engineering, and math), as these build the necessary confidence and skills needed to succeed during the formative school years. Science teaches our children how to use critical thinking, how to measure, analyze data, and finally come to conclusions.

Science Is Best Seen Through a Microscope

Ensuring our students have the very best and current lab equipment in school will allow them to have access to the highest quality tools in order to see, touch, and measure their scientific data directly. This type of “hands on” laboratory learning allows students to perform their own experiments, interacting closely with their own findings, and become interested in it.

LCC strongly believes that science is an incredible path for learning. Lasik Cataract Center is proud to support Trinity College School with their new science lab to help ensure future generations have the skills needed to evaluate information, problem solve, and make evidence-based decisions.

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