For years Lori has had to wear glasses for her severe nearsightedness, which has become a burden on her life since her and her family go snowmobiling, use ATVs and go camping.

Dr. Lane found along with her nearsightedness, Lori also has some astigmatism.

He decided that LASIK wouldn’t be the right choice for Lori since her nearsightedness is as bad as it is, but instead he chose a procedure called a clear lens exchange, which overall seemed to be the best fit for what Lori needed.

Clear Lens Exchange Procedure

The procedure starts off with freezing drops being put in the patient’s eyes, then in one room a laser treatment is done to soften the lens and this also makes a little opening in the clear bag that actually holds the lens.

Then in another room, they will actually remove the patient’s lens and then a lens implant is put in its place.

For Lori’s specific nearsightedness and astigmatism Dr. Lane chose a newer lens that actually gives Lori a range of clear vision called an extended depth of field lens.

The whole process takes an hour from the moment the patient walks in to the minute they walk out, but the surgery itself is only fifteen minutes.

With this procedure Dr. Lane says it’s pain free and the most patients will feel is a bit of pressure. Patients receive an IV of medicine which helps them relax and stay calm during the surgery.

After Surgery

After the surgery, Lori says she’s never been able to see better, even with her glasses her vision wasn’t as clear as it is now.

he is now free to wear helmets without her glasses getting shifted around and she no longer has to worry about them getting dirty and ruining her vision.

Lori can now snowmobile, ride ATVs and live her life with the best vision ever thanks to Dr. Lane.